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Gola Gola Festival 2017 - Parma, Italy

Welcome to Real Food Dietetics!

Owned and operated by Georgia Kintakas, an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), passionate about food as she is about nutrition and dietetics. She believes in having a healthy and positive relationship with food and our bodies.

Although the science of nutrition can be complex, confusing and evolving, nutrition advice does not need to be. It should be practical, sustainable and real. This is what inspired her to create Real Food Dietetics.

Georgia can help individuals improve their health and manage a range of medical conditions through what they eat, how they eat, as well as the way they think about food. Georgia understands that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition and works with the individual to meet their specific needs.

Georgia has over 19 years’ experience as an APD working in numerous major metropolitan public hospitals. She specialises working with adults of all ages, diverse cultures and languages, and clients with significant physical, cognitive and communication deficits across a wide variety of settings.

Driven by an appreciation for all things food, Georgia values above all else working in unity with her clients to achieve their nutrition goals, whatever they may be. Her pragmatic approach to nutrition is authentic, practical, and always in a supportive and caring manner.

Advice that is simple, advice that is Real.

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